Monday, October 11, 2010

3 years

This week I will be celebrating three wonderful years of marriage to my wonderful husband! I can hardly believe that it has been that feels like it was just yesterday that I was walking down the dad giving me away...and saying "I DO" in front of my closest friends and family! What a lovely day that much fun and love in one place!

It is funny when you start thinking and my hubby have been together for eight years. It seems like sooooo long ago that we met....started dating...moved to married...bought a house! It some ways though, it doesn't seem like it was THAT long ago...when I think about seeing him for the first time...talking to him for the first seems like it was JUST seems like we have just always been together....really I just can't even imagine US not together...I can't remember my life without him in it! It is so funny!

I think when you find the person you are meant to be with...everything just starts right then. Don't get me wrong, I have lots of wonderful memories from before I met Willis but really when I think back, it is hard to imagine that he wasn't there...I think because we are so close and share so much I just feel like he was there, in all of my memories!

I laugh everyday...I have sooo much fun everyday....I enjoy spending time with my hubby everyday....even when he goes fishing on our anniversary trip (ha ha) I love him everyday!!

I cannot wait to see what life has in store for us...I know we will be able to handle anything because we have each other! I reall think I am the luckiest lady in the world!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

wake up

Well, fall is here and I have to say that I am enjoying it. Our summer here in Bend was VERY short...I mean, like two months! It never got hot until late couldn't even wear shorts until then! When it finally turned to summer it did get HOT! I was outside all day every day LITERALLY!

The fall weather and the changing of the season has always been a bit hard for me. I mean, I love fall...the leaves changing, FOOTBALL, nice cool runs, sitting outside in the afternoon and not getting's nice...BUT it is really hard to get over summer-time weather and know deep down that winter is RIGHT AROUND the CORNER! This fall I plan to enjoy FALL...not worry about dumb ol' winter until it gets here! I will have my tea outside for as long as I can and ENJOY it!

Speaking of tea, I gave up coffee! If you know me then you know this is a MAJOR achievement in my life! I take after my moma when it comes to coffee...two pots a day, baby! I love it and I literally drink it all day! Now, I don't know that coffee is just super bad for you but I know that it can't be too good for you?? I switched to tea...which, I know, IS good for me! There haven't been too many adverse side effects...a slight headache...maybe? I have allergy problems so not sure if it is the lack of coffee or allergies?
I will have coffee some...I love it with my dessert at night (when I eat dessert). Everything in moderation!

A quick update on my vegan-goal...pretty good. NOT perfect...from craving certain foods (turkey) to not wanting to ask for my food any other way than how it is prepared by the chef (no dairy please) it is tough! I have cooked a few separate meals from Josh (his with meat mine without) and he actually made me some veggie chili while he had meaty chili! That is HUGE!!
Anyway, there are lots of things going on with my diet these days...mostly for my allergies but that is for another post! It will all come together one day (or not) !!


Friday, September 17, 2010

strivin' to be...

I was having a conversation with a friend a few days ago and it got me thinking. The conversation wasn't really that deep or anything...we were just talking. He said he had a friend that "claims" to be Buddhist but she likes to watch Sex and the City. I was like what does that matter. Well you can't be Buddhist if you like materialistic things was his response. I said well maybe she is striving to be a Buddhist. I asked if he thought he was a good person. Yeah of cousre. I said well is gossiping about your friend something a good person would do?? Are you now just "claiming" to be a good person?? I mean, just because you don't always live up to being a good person does that mean you are NEVER a good person?

Now, I don't talk religion with people...everyone believes what they believe and that's fine...I don't really even think the conversation was about religion, actually. OR I should say I took something different from it...striving to be...

It is so easy to get caught up in TRYING to be something that we forget to just be ourselves...we get so worked up trying to be something or do something that we forget to look at the path we are taking to get there. We are so worried abou at being something or reaching some goal that we forget where we are right now. We set a goal to run 100 miles a month that we forget to be excited about the 6 miles we are running every day! Oh poor me I still have soooo many more to go... I will never be a great yeah I am I just ran 6 miles that AWESOME!!

I set goals and try to attain them all the becoming a vegan. I get so wrapped up in the fact that I want a turkey sandwich some days that I forget I haven't eaten meat in a week! I feel so upset with myself that I can't even see the good things I have done. I need to look at it like this...I am striving to be a vegan...I may have weaknesses but that is just for a moment, just for right now...push it aside and move on! Now, I know I can't eat meat AND be a vegan but I can strive to be a vegan and realize that I may not be perfect all the time...starting out...turkey is soooo good! On a side note, I have started imagining feathers being on my sandwich along with the turkey to keep me from eating a big ol' juicy turkey sandwich with mustard and pickles melty gooey cheese...wait wait wait... my friend, I want to be a good person...I am striving to be a good person. I set goals for ME to reach...some, like not gossiping, help with the whole "good person" thing...some, like my mileage when running and being a vegan are just for me to feel better with myself...Now, will I veer off course from time to time? will I make mistakes? Um, YES SIR! Will I take a look at those mistakes, realize them, and then get over them...YES SIR!

I just want to be me...the best me...a happy me! That's what I am Strivin' to be right now...

Monday, August 30, 2010

snow what?

So, it took summer until July to get to Bend and now she is making an early exit in August! It is freaking SNOWING in AUGUST! Ok, so this is a fluke but still...snow!!! It was cold all last week...high 60's during the day and freezing at night/early morning!! It is supposed to get back up to the 80's later this week...that BETTER happen!

The hubby's parents are coming for a visit this week...I am sooooo excited! It is the first time for them to visit us here and the first time for anyone in our family to see the new house! It is so funny how most people in our family have no idea what goes on in our lives...
It's crazy! I think since we are out of sight we are also out of mind...Oregon is like another planet for most people in our families...

Anyway, it is a big deal to us that we have family coming for a visit...I can hardly wait! Oregon is beautiful, especially Bend and Sunriver. I never take for granted that I live in one of THE most wonderful places in the USA. I am so happy we get to show off our little town to our family! I hope they move here...I might have to get preggo for that to happen though! That's a whole other story though...ha ha!

Bona Fide is going GREAT! I usually am a behind-the-scenes member of the team but I had to meet with a potential client the other day...he knew his stuff! It went well and it felt great promoting something that is mine and that I 100% believe in!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Well, I said I had big news...I am officially a small business owner! It has been such a whirlwind time the past couple of months but it has all been totally worth it...I have my very own (with two other partners) SEO company!

We are a very small group of people who work really well of the partners has about 13 years of BIG TIME experience in the field and the other partner has about 20 years of BIG TIME experience in marketing...I feel so fortunate to be a part of our business.

Bend is a hub for SEO-type people for some reason...I mean, literally, there are two other businesses on MY BLOCK! The person who is credited as the "god father" of SEO lives here along with his son who is big in the business. I could go on and on!

Online marketing is expected to grow from about $9 BILLION per year to well over $13 BILLION per year by 2013...I want a piece of that PIE!! Think about you shop online? I know I do and I know that when I GOOGLE the product I want I click on about the first 2 or 3 links...SEO helps you get ranked in those spots...

We are going to stay really small for a while...we have a small site...we are getting leads from other avenues right now and we are BUSY!

I will keep you updated on our progress as much as I can...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

hips don't lie

Well, I am sitting in bed with my computer with a heating pad on my hip....I have done something to it and it is KILLING me! I was fine during my whole run yesterday but at mile 6 I noticed that my hip was hurting. I just thought I was tired or something so I just pushed through. When I got home I stretched it out and went about my day. I did take a couple of advil just in case I got sore.
No problem all about 8 last night though...yam bam thank you ma'am....PAIN! I could hardly walk! It feels like the ball of my hip is rubbing right into the muscle or something. I slept with the heating pad and put ice on it this morning. I can hardly walk though!
Needless to say I am taking the day off from running...
Anyway, I am working on some SEO stuff...BIG news coming soon! I have to get all of the details hashed out but when I do it should be exciting!!
My class is over but I learned a lot which is good. I also got my first client. This has helped A LOT!
I need to put some pictures on here...maybe I will work on that for next time! For now it is time for ice!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

chugging along...

Not too much going on around here...summer is in full swing and I am LOVING it! I literally have been outside from sun up to sun down everyday!
I have been trying to focus on living right now...I get caught up thinking about what is ABOUT to happen or what COULD happen or what SHOULD happen. Really, I need to just realize that I have a great husband, a wonderful dog, a nice house, and a great job that I love. I mean, come on, what else do I need?

I think sometimes Iget caught up in what I THINK people THINK I should be...I have a friend that always asks me "when are you going to get pregnant?" I have people in my family who say "you spent so much money getting a college degree why do you want to be a nanny?" This list could go on and on...Most of the time I just laugh it off, sometimes I feel bad for myself and think, yeah I should have a baby...yeah I should work full time and get a REAL job. I think though most of the time I just think to myself, why do these people care what I do???

I am lucky that I only have to work 20 hours a husband takes career of me. I am lucky that when I want to go somewhere I don't have to find a baby sitter.
Life is great...why in the world do I let other people bring me down? My goal now is to remember that I am HAPPY because I like MY life!

On another NOTE, ha ha...I started my SEO class up at the college last week. It is very informative. The teacher is really good and funny! I am feeling better about the whole thing. Pretty soon I will be more confident with my SKILLS and I will be able to interview for more jobs!! Hopefully by September I will be ready and able to secure a job since the little kiddos will be in school...they are getting so big!

Oh, happy summer!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

not too much

This week has been so HOT! I love it! It got up to about 95 degrees every day and I soaked it all in!!! I do think that my new hanging basket suffered a bit WAS big and luscious looking but now it is a little saggy looking! Hopefully it will perk back up when the temperatures get back down in the 80 degree range.

Not too much else going on around here. It has been nice sitting outside in the bright sunshine. I started reading these books by Diane Mott Davidson about a caterer named Goldy. They are like murder-mysteries. Not too thought provoking but better than staring at the TV all day. They are pretty funny and come with recipes from the catering events she does in the books. I thought that was interesting.

I also signed up for an SEO class at the college here in town. I think it will be very helpful. I stepped up my training and got a client...Pretty exciting stuff! The client is a friend of mine and I am using his website to practice. He is a VERY talented watchmaker (among other things). If you wanna check him out go to:

Anyway, so far so good with the new SEO skills...we shall see!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

trails and sunshine

So, as I was saying in my last post...summer is FINALLY here! I basically camped outside all weekend. I did sleep inside but I stayed outside until about 12 midnight! It gets pretty chilly here at night which I actually like....there are NO bugs or humidity here so it is actually quite fun to be outside at night with friends and family. I love the Mississippi Delta in the summer, too but I must say that I think Bend trumps it. If I could just have my moma, dad, and sister, and a few other choice folks from my family : ) here with me I would literally be in heaven!

The other thing I love about summer being here is that I can run outside! I did get used to the elliptical this winter and it wasn't too bad. I did like watching my shows while I was exercising. BUT, there is just something about running in the bright to the Deschutes River...that makes my heart melt! The river trail was PACKED this weekend though! I was constantly moving over, stopping and saying excuse me. I didn't really mind though. It was nice to see everyone out and about.

I can run sooooo much farther when I am outside (in comparison to inside at the gym). I feel soooo much better, too. I know this is mental but for some reason I just don't feel like running inside has the same positive affect on me as running outside. I mean, I just feel like I am REALLY working out when I am running outside. Oh well, like I said, I think it is all in my head but who knows?!?

Well, I better get back outside because the sun is setting and I don't want to miss too much more of that precious Bend sunshine!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Yesterday was the official first day of summer...Bend FINALLY got the note! The weather here has been horrible to say the least. We really only get two seasons...winter and summer. Summer usually runs from about the middle of May through the middle-end of September. The rest of the time is winter! With that being said, we don't want to start summer off late since there is soooo little of it!

Bend, to me, is THE most perfect place to live if you love summer time weather. It is always 80-85, blue, blue skies, and cools off at night...perfect! There are always outdoor things to do in this perfect weather, too. Running on the river trail, hiking, rock climbing, tubing down the river, golf, tennis, and I could go on and on and on!
Even though the weather to a while to get here I am totally enjoying it! Playing in the yard, running on the river trail and just being out in the sun! This time of the year just makes me soooo happy...I can't even explain the change I feel. My body, my attitude, my whole perception of life is just BETTER!

I better get outside!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

hmmm...where did that come from?

This week has been pretty much the same as always. Nothing too much out of the ordinary I guess...

I have been feeling great lately...working out A LOT and eating pretty well...lots of fruits and veggies and NO red meat! I will admit that I am still hanging out with my Boar's Head Honey Maple Turkey though...I have also SIGNIFICANTLY reduced my cheese intake...none on my sandwiches or tortilla soup at La Rosa...only a few sprinkles on my ground turkey taco salad!
I have always been in pretty good shape and a fairly healthy eater, I will admit. I like to run for sure. I am really enjoying taking it to another level though...really thinking about the food I eat and how nice my body feels when I am done!

I think deep, deep, DEEP down I am trying to get my body ready to have a little baby growing inside of it...I always think about the way I would raise my child...from foods I would give him/her, to the religion/denomination I would raise her/him, to everything else on down the line. I would NEVER want to get pregnant and have horrible eating and exercising habits...and I for SURE would not want to have a child that looked up to me in every way and I was shoving cupcakes in my mouth every chance I just wouldn't seem right to ME for some reason.
I will say though, in a weird way, (and I know this statement will sound bad) as much as I have been right now working out, I would not want to get pregnant right now and ruin my body...eek, bad I know! I just think I am too young to have a post baby body...I know this is selfish though and that's why I am not trying to have a baby. I think I will be ready for a baby when I think less about my body and more about cribs!

Anyway, it is scary even thinking about having a baby (for ME)!! I hear the question, about 100 times a week though "when are y'all gonna have a baby?"...never gets old...ha ha!
Well, now that THAT is all out there...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

man oh man

I have had a pretty weird week...Dixie ate a WHOLE pack of gum which contained XYLITOL!! Not good for causes severe liver damage...I called the vet and she told me to give her four tablespoons of peroxide. This caused Dixie to throw up... A LOT! All the gum came right back up. I have never been happier to clean up puke-it didn't stink either, it smelled like the orange gum! I cried for a good two hours though...on the phone with vet, while shoving down the peroxide, while rubbing her belly, and when it was all over and I was cleaning everything up! I sat on the couch with my girl and she licked my face and, I SWEAR that dog made ME feel better even though SHE was the one that was SICK!! I love my Dixie girl more than anything in the world!!
After all of that, I started thinking about all of the dogs my family had when I was growing up. We usually had at least one dog in our back yard at any given time. Now, I have to say that all of this is MY memory...I have a feeling that I may be mis-remembering (ha ha)! I will have to ask Faye about it...
Anyway, it always seemed like our dogs were all named either Lady or Patches. I mean, ALL of them! I remember a bunch of chow dogs and a big white dog. I also remember that I didn't always wanna go in the back yard with the dogs. I wasn't scared, I just didn't want them to jump on is funny what you remember about certain things!
I also remember other pets we had...ducks, birds, hamsters, and a bunny.
The bunny was my FAVORITE! All of us grand-kids got one for Easter the year that my paw paw passed away. We came out of my Aunt R's house and their they were on the lawn with ribbons tied around their necks (the bunnies, that is!). I loved that rabbit. I took it home in a cardboard box and fell asleep on the couch with my face beside it. I woke up with that little bunny nibbling on my nose...not hard or anything more like just sniffing me! My nanny butt was like "girl, you better get that bunny some lettuce!". It always makes me laugh when I think about how she said it. It is one of those memories that makes me smile without even realizing it when I am thinking about it.

Monday, May 17, 2010

little bit of everything

Wow! The weather has been soooooo nice here lately...mid 70's and sunny! It is suppose to get a little chilly this week, which is normal for Central Oregon in May...soon, though, it will be blue skies and sunshine ever single day!! I can hardly wait...I love it when I can throw on a sun dress and a pair of flip flops and head out on my cruiser bike to work or play!

In other news, I believe that the hubby is on board with the whole vegetarian idea. Actually, he just came up to me one day and was like "I don't wanna eat meat anymore.". It was really odd! He still wants to eat fish, which is fine by me because I don't really eat too much fish anyway so on those nights I will just eat the salad and sides! So, we are gonna give the vegetarian-thing a whirl. I don't wanna put any pressure or stress on us about it. I am going to make a conscience effort to not eat meat but I won't get upset or anything if we aren't toooooo strict with ourselves.

To me, eating is is fun. I like to eat healthy, mostly organic food. I steer clear of most processed foods and hardly ever eat fried foods. I mean, I am not a saint by any means. Like I said, eating is fun to me so if I am at a party or back home in the Mississippi Delta, I indulge! I will say that for the most part though I eat pretty well and I feel good about most of the choices I make so I will not be too hard on myself if I give in here and there with treats and now, meat!

Anyway, in other news...summer is almost here which means I really need to get my you-know-what in gear about the whole "new career thing"! I am really leaning towards dental assisting. I have done A LOT of research and I just think this will be a good fit for me. So, I am starting to talk to dentists in the area about a few things....I have a few questions about school, etc. and also would like to see about interning or shadowing at an office. SO CRAZY!

I always thought I would be a grant passion in college. My degree is in Social Sciences and my favorite classes were always the grant writing ones. I love researching and developing ideas! Anyway, that is a hard job to land...not too many of them out there!

Monday, April 26, 2010

same ol' same ol' BUT...

Been a little while...not really too much going on I guess. I am still trying to decide on all of the little details of career choices. A few new things have come up with the SEO stuff. I heard about a job here in Bend which would be awesome but I am not ready for it yet...still need training! I have been reading lots of books about it but I still need the hands on training to actually feel confident to apply for a job in the field. It is hard to set up training times because everyone is so busy and basically life just gets in the way sometimes! I wish there was an entry level job that I could do in order to get hands on trainig exactly the way the company would want me to do the job...haven't found that yet, though!!

I am also still into the dental assisting thing...actually I am really leaning more towards that at this point. It really interests me for some reason. I know I wouldn't make as much money as I would with the SEO but I could make a living for sure AND have job stability anywhere we might have to move for the hubby's job....


Two new things have sort of started happening...I have become a domesticated lady on fire!!! It is like I have a new role in life right now ha ha!! I am doing laundry, cleaning the stove, washing my car, sweeping, mopping, dusting and cooking dinner EVERY night!! We are only going out like once or twice a week which is WAY less than EVER BEFORE! I am just feeling the whole working part-time, taking care of my family thing!!! I have always been pretty neat and tidy with my house and enjoyed cooking... but this is like over-the-top! I am loving it....obsessed!!! Hubby is loving it too!

Another thing...working out! I am loving loving loving going to gym! I actually feel bad if I don't go!! I have always enjoyed being healthy but I am actually going all out when I am at the gym...burning and churning!! Hubby is also loving this too!!

Anyway, I am going to ride this motivation train for as long as I can...keeping up with the house, the gym....EVERYTHING!! Still thinking about the future but with a clear, stress free head!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

veggie lasagna

Ahhhh, one day of nice weather this week! Bend does not really have a Spring so when we get a day of sunshine and blue skies, 60 gotta live it up! Before work and after I sat outside...didn't do anything special. I took the kiddos I watch to the park, too. They loved it!

Anyway, I made a veggie lasagna earlier this week. It took A LOT of preperation but I stuck with it and it turned out great! There were a few things I would add...Fontina cheese and red pepper flakes! These two will give the flavor a little kick! Also, I forgot to put in spinach!! As soon as I stuck it in the oven I thought to myself...hmm, spinach would have been good! Oh well!

The best part was that my hubby actually liked it...he always complains when I try to cook without meat. In fact, that is one of the hardest things for me while trying to become a vegetarian... he needs his meat!!

I started a food log and exercise log, too. I think these will help me realize all the crap I eat! I am not worst eater at all but I am not the best either! There are for sure some areas I can improve! The logs will help me do that I hope!

As far as careers go I am still doing the SEO thing...I am enjoying all the research I am doing and can hardly wait to get some hands-on experience.

I am also looking into dental assisting...I have always been interested in the field and I really think I would be good at it. I love working with people!! I am ready to work with a group of people, too. I really, really, really miss that!!

All for now!

Monday, April 5, 2010

too much

So, I had a pretty good weekend although it pretty much SNOWED the whole entire time!! I mean, it was really coming down. It was weird never really stuck around or if it did stick it just melted away pretty quickly.

I did get in a couple of runs. It felt really good to get back out on the road and treadmill. I forget how good I feel after a nice run!

On the career front, I started doing some SEO research. It is really interesting stuff. It is for sure something I want to pursue more....

I also have been looking into physical therapy assisting and dental assisting. These two have been on my list (radar) for a while. I enjoy working with people and I also would like to work in office setting. I think it would be good to have professional my job right now, and in the child care field in general, it is really hard to have that.

Anyway, I am using the rest of the day to do some housework and some errands. Also, I am compiling a list of dentists and physical therapist that I may go talk to about their fields. Honestly, I am feeling a little stressed right now. I need to step back, think about the fact that everything will work out-because it has to...there is really nothing more that I can do to help this situation. I am putting everything into it and I know something rewarding will come out of it!

Monday, March 29, 2010


So, I have been doing some reading about vegetarian lifestyles lately.... In the past two years or so I have been thinking about becoming a vegetarian/vegan and I suddenly feel that right now is the time to do it!

I don't think people REALLY realize what is actually in the meat/dairy that we is quite shocking. All sorts of chemicals, antibiotics, hormones and just completely disgusting stuff. Not to mention that our bodies really don't NEED meat or dairy. For instance, humans are the ONLY things that will drink other animal's milk...cows don't drink goats' milk...goats don't drink cows' milk...interesting! Why do WE drink cows' milk??

Not only is all of that totally gross but also HOW they kill, care for, and treat factory raised animals is appalling to say the least! I actually can't even write about it because it makes me ill!

Ahhhh, here comes the problem though...turkey is my life! I love it...I eat it everyday! I could do without all the other stuff...cheese would be tough but I could do it. Maybe I will try that tofurkey...

Thursday, March 25, 2010


This week has been sort of weird...not good, not bad.

To start off, I have had a terrible shoulder problem for a little over a month now. I am not sure what happened...I think it is arthritis, personally. It clicks and pops when I raise it up and forget about doing push-ups! Now, normally I would just deal with it and move on but I cannot do yoga! Not only from a physucal and mental stand point does this really suck but also costs $75 per month and I haven't been in a month soooo...

I never really "got" yoga. I liked the idea of it and the type of yoga that I do, power Vinyasa flow, really is an awesome work out! After about 3 months though, I could tell there was a change in the way I was thinking and living. I was more present. I miss that!

I need to work on my meditation I think.

Anyway, I have been running more so that is a good thing. Me and my boss lady have been going together and I must say it is very fun and refreshing talking to someone during exercise! I am so glad that we decided to do it!

I must say that I have been a little stressed, too. I cannot quit thinking about the future. I don't know why but I just feel this urgency...this need to know what is going to happen. (yoga please)!! I must say that I am actually VERY husband and me have a house, not too much debt other than student loans and a mortgage, he has a great job that he is very good at doing! I don't truly HAVE to find a new job right this instant and I am very grateful for that. I do however know that I NEED to have my own income and plan in case something ever happens.

Can't figure it all today....

Monday, March 22, 2010


This weekend was pretty mellow but also pretty fun...hung out with my family...hubby, Dixie doggie and a friend...watched tv, cooked, drank some awesome wine from Lange and Kosta!
Now it is Monday and it is back to the same ol' same ol' the house and laundry. Although we do have plans to hang out with some friends tonight. It should be fun...we haven't hung out with some of them since our college days!
Anyway, I reserved some good books at the library today...a Skinny Bitch cook aunt read one and she loved it! I also reserved a few beginner SEO books. SEO is Search Engine Optimization and this will (hopefully) be my new career! I have an AWESOME mentor that I am training with. It will be a struggle I know, switching from one career to a completely new one but I THINK I am ready! (there are a few other options on the back-burner, too...more about those another time!)
I want to start a family sometime and this career will allow me to spend time at home with my baby whereas other careers will not allow me that luxury. There are sooooo many stay at home moms that try to have day cares or preschools in their homes and I just don't want to do that...great idea for some just not for me. I could work where I take my child to school but I just don't know if I like that idea???
Ideally I would keep working in the child care industry for another year while training in SEO. Then after the year get a job in that field. Then decide when and if we are going to have a child!?! That topic will have to be for another day!
I hope I am making smart is so hard to know what to do. Life can for sure throw you curves sometimes...I want to be prepared for them ESPECIALLY if I add a child to the mix! Boy will it be hard to leave the child care industry! OVERLOAD!!!

I need a few pickles to help my stress...I love 'em! THey totally remind me of my childhood. Me and my aunt (my BFF!) would sit around and eat them and hang out. I would walk to the store down the street and get them for 52 cents. Everyday after high school I would walk to my Nanny Butt's house then walk to the store and get one. They make me think of home!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Wow, amazing how getting things out there, where you can see them, really helps! Another thing that helps: this beautiful weather we have been having here in Bend...nothing like sitting outside with friends and family...wearing a sundress and flip flops...does anyone else feel this way? I swear, flip flops make my heart sing!

I have been lazy this morning...checked on a couple of books I want to check out at the library...more to come about this! Checked emails and facebook...boring! Now waiting on the hubby to get home so we can go for a run. We have recently started excercising together and I must say that I LOVE IT! He just got into running...actually he just likes to exercise not into competitions or anything, but still it is awesome that we have found something we can do together!

I am feeling good frittata time. When I was in Hawaii my favorite time was sitting, enjoying the time with my husband while we ate breakfast. We had frittatas every day. It was one of THOSE moments...just being happy. I think it was (and is today) one of those times that people talk about...when you are TRYING to be happy it doesn't always work...just be in this time, this it!

Friday, March 19, 2010

in with the new

Long time...

I haven't been in the mood to write on my blog. My life has been pretty stagnant lately...working, spending time with the family, and a few getaways.

Anyway, I just really didn't have anything to really talk about until now. I am thinking about a career change! I have been in the child care business since I graduated from college. I LOVE LOVE LOVE working with children. For the past two and a half years I have been a nanny for a family here in town. The two children I watch are 4 and a half and 3 and they are my best friends! I swear I don't think I could love them anymore! ALthough I love children and the joy that working with them has brought me both as a nanny and a teacher, I just feel like there is something else out there for me!

Anyway, now that they are getting older and heading off to school it is about time for me to move on to other things. Of course the whole family will always be in my life...the adults and I are really great friends and there is no way I could go too long without seeing the kiddos!! Luckily for me I have time to think about all of this...

So, with all that being said I have had a lot on my mind lately. I turned the big 30 this! That in itself is enough to write about (and I will)! 30 isn't too bad it just makes you HAVE to set goals...for instance, if I wanna have 2 kids, 5 years apart and not be pregnant in my 40's...let's just say I have some decisions to make!

Basically I need to think about children, a new career, the same career, stay at home parenting, are we staying in Bend, for how long.....?????

This made me feel better!