Monday, August 30, 2010

snow what?

So, it took summer until July to get to Bend and now she is making an early exit in August! It is freaking SNOWING in AUGUST! Ok, so this is a fluke but still...snow!!! It was cold all last week...high 60's during the day and freezing at night/early morning!! It is supposed to get back up to the 80's later this week...that BETTER happen!

The hubby's parents are coming for a visit this week...I am sooooo excited! It is the first time for them to visit us here and the first time for anyone in our family to see the new house! It is so funny how most people in our family have no idea what goes on in our lives...
It's crazy! I think since we are out of sight we are also out of mind...Oregon is like another planet for most people in our families...

Anyway, it is a big deal to us that we have family coming for a visit...I can hardly wait! Oregon is beautiful, especially Bend and Sunriver. I never take for granted that I live in one of THE most wonderful places in the USA. I am so happy we get to show off our little town to our family! I hope they move here...I might have to get preggo for that to happen though! That's a whole other story though...ha ha!

Bona Fide is going GREAT! I usually am a behind-the-scenes member of the team but I had to meet with a potential client the other day...he knew his stuff! It went well and it felt great promoting something that is mine and that I 100% believe in!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Well, I said I had big news...I am officially a small business owner! It has been such a whirlwind time the past couple of months but it has all been totally worth it...I have my very own (with two other partners) SEO company!

We are a very small group of people who work really well of the partners has about 13 years of BIG TIME experience in the field and the other partner has about 20 years of BIG TIME experience in marketing...I feel so fortunate to be a part of our business.

Bend is a hub for SEO-type people for some reason...I mean, literally, there are two other businesses on MY BLOCK! The person who is credited as the "god father" of SEO lives here along with his son who is big in the business. I could go on and on!

Online marketing is expected to grow from about $9 BILLION per year to well over $13 BILLION per year by 2013...I want a piece of that PIE!! Think about you shop online? I know I do and I know that when I GOOGLE the product I want I click on about the first 2 or 3 links...SEO helps you get ranked in those spots...

We are going to stay really small for a while...we have a small site...we are getting leads from other avenues right now and we are BUSY!

I will keep you updated on our progress as much as I can...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

hips don't lie

Well, I am sitting in bed with my computer with a heating pad on my hip....I have done something to it and it is KILLING me! I was fine during my whole run yesterday but at mile 6 I noticed that my hip was hurting. I just thought I was tired or something so I just pushed through. When I got home I stretched it out and went about my day. I did take a couple of advil just in case I got sore.
No problem all about 8 last night though...yam bam thank you ma'am....PAIN! I could hardly walk! It feels like the ball of my hip is rubbing right into the muscle or something. I slept with the heating pad and put ice on it this morning. I can hardly walk though!
Needless to say I am taking the day off from running...
Anyway, I am working on some SEO stuff...BIG news coming soon! I have to get all of the details hashed out but when I do it should be exciting!!
My class is over but I learned a lot which is good. I also got my first client. This has helped A LOT!
I need to put some pictures on here...maybe I will work on that for next time! For now it is time for ice!