Sunday, June 27, 2010

trails and sunshine

So, as I was saying in my last post...summer is FINALLY here! I basically camped outside all weekend. I did sleep inside but I stayed outside until about 12 midnight! It gets pretty chilly here at night which I actually like....there are NO bugs or humidity here so it is actually quite fun to be outside at night with friends and family. I love the Mississippi Delta in the summer, too but I must say that I think Bend trumps it. If I could just have my moma, dad, and sister, and a few other choice folks from my family : ) here with me I would literally be in heaven!

The other thing I love about summer being here is that I can run outside! I did get used to the elliptical this winter and it wasn't too bad. I did like watching my shows while I was exercising. BUT, there is just something about running in the bright to the Deschutes River...that makes my heart melt! The river trail was PACKED this weekend though! I was constantly moving over, stopping and saying excuse me. I didn't really mind though. It was nice to see everyone out and about.

I can run sooooo much farther when I am outside (in comparison to inside at the gym). I feel soooo much better, too. I know this is mental but for some reason I just don't feel like running inside has the same positive affect on me as running outside. I mean, I just feel like I am REALLY working out when I am running outside. Oh well, like I said, I think it is all in my head but who knows?!?

Well, I better get back outside because the sun is setting and I don't want to miss too much more of that precious Bend sunshine!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Yesterday was the official first day of summer...Bend FINALLY got the note! The weather here has been horrible to say the least. We really only get two seasons...winter and summer. Summer usually runs from about the middle of May through the middle-end of September. The rest of the time is winter! With that being said, we don't want to start summer off late since there is soooo little of it!

Bend, to me, is THE most perfect place to live if you love summer time weather. It is always 80-85, blue, blue skies, and cools off at night...perfect! There are always outdoor things to do in this perfect weather, too. Running on the river trail, hiking, rock climbing, tubing down the river, golf, tennis, and I could go on and on and on!
Even though the weather to a while to get here I am totally enjoying it! Playing in the yard, running on the river trail and just being out in the sun! This time of the year just makes me soooo happy...I can't even explain the change I feel. My body, my attitude, my whole perception of life is just BETTER!

I better get outside!!