Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Man, we have been having the best weather EVER here in Bend! It has been about 80 degrees everyday and clear skies....a little breeze every now and then will blow (right when you think you are getting HOT!)!!! It is just perfect! This is why I moved to Bend! It takes a while for Summer to get here but when it does you forget all about the long winter!

Winter in Bend isn't too snows a lot but it is actually really sunny all the time. It is perfect for someone who likes to ski or snowboard. I never go to the mountain but I do love to cross country ski. It is fun and a great work out! The only bad thing about winter here is that it JUST LASTS FOREVER! It goes from November (or late October) to June. I am not kidding or exaggerating...last week it was in the 40's and then BAM it turned into 80 degree weather one day!

We have been working on our yard some lately. We did a lot to it last year...we added more turf and a patio and re did the little back porch area with pavers. It cost a boat load but it was worth it!! It looks great! We FINALLY got some new patio furniture, too. I love it! It is bright orange...but in a cute way! Now all I want is a fire pit. Yes, we need a fire pit here in Bend because it usually gets down to the 40's at night in the summer. You always have to take a sweater with you wherever you go! I still love it though!

Marathon training is going pretty good. I feel like I could run the marathon tomorrow but I also feel like it will be really boring! That is my biggest fear actually...I am seriously contemplating switching to the half marathon because I just don't know what in the world I would do with myself or my mind while running 26.2 miles!! I need to start wearing an IPOD I guess!

That's all for now...

ps...yes, we plant Christmas trees in our yards here!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

for real

So, I know it's been a while. To be honest, I just don't like blogging in the winter. I know it sounds crazy but in the summer I am out and about more...running more, exercising more, eating out more, working more, just all in all out more...enjoying life! I just think more clearly in the summer for some reason (all that fresh air I guess!).

So, I am back because summer is back in BEND!!! I still won't blog all the time but that's alright! It is so funny to blog. I mean, I just write about stuff I do during the day or goals I am working toward...I have to admit that I cannot understand why people would read it BUT then I think about the fact that I read other blogs everyday and I ENJOY it!

Speaking of reading other blogs I have to say that I am going to try to comment on other blogs more AND put up more pictures on mine. I always feel weird when I comment on other blogs. I don't know why...I just assume no one wants to hear my opinion or something??? I don't know...I am going to try to get over that though!

So, I need to catch you up on my life I guess. I am still working with my internet marketing company. It is going pretty good...pays the bills. I also work part time at a small preschool. I LOVE it! It is a very small school which is what I love. I love the owners and my fellow teachers. It is nice to be working with children again. I also am starting to work in the spa/fitness industry. I am working at a veryhigh end spa and fitness club and I LOVE it! I have always been a very goal-oriented person. I also like to help people reach their goals. Whether it is with their website or with their child rearing practices (closely related-NOT!). I figure another aspect of people's lives where I can help is with their fitness and wellness goals. I am trying it out for a while...we will see how it goes!

I love trying new things. I am just the type of person who wants to try to do everything I am interested in. If I like something I try...I stick with childcare! If I don't like something I try like training for a triathlon...I move on! I don't put un-needed pressure on myself to stick through something I don't enjoy. I would rather try something out and see where it takes me rather than never try it and wonder "what if...".

Now, don't confuse my giving up on things with laziness...there are MANY days when I don't wanna go out for a run and I make myself. There are days when I wanna pull my hair out at work...I get through it (with all my hair) and start over the next day. However, if these types of days happen more than days that I am happy doing something...I set up a new goal and leave the old one in the dust! For instance, I didn't like triathlon training so now I am training for a marathon! See how that works?

Alright, I am off to comment on some blogs and eat! I leave you with a picture if me and my sister....she just graduated high school!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

3 years

This week I will be celebrating three wonderful years of marriage to my wonderful husband! I can hardly believe that it has been that feels like it was just yesterday that I was walking down the dad giving me away...and saying "I DO" in front of my closest friends and family! What a lovely day that much fun and love in one place!

It is funny when you start thinking and my hubby have been together for eight years. It seems like sooooo long ago that we met....started dating...moved to married...bought a house! It some ways though, it doesn't seem like it was THAT long ago...when I think about seeing him for the first time...talking to him for the first seems like it was JUST seems like we have just always been together....really I just can't even imagine US not together...I can't remember my life without him in it! It is so funny!

I think when you find the person you are meant to be with...everything just starts right then. Don't get me wrong, I have lots of wonderful memories from before I met Willis but really when I think back, it is hard to imagine that he wasn't there...I think because we are so close and share so much I just feel like he was there, in all of my memories!

I laugh everyday...I have sooo much fun everyday....I enjoy spending time with my hubby everyday....even when he goes fishing on our anniversary trip (ha ha) I love him everyday!!

I cannot wait to see what life has in store for us...I know we will be able to handle anything because we have each other! I reall think I am the luckiest lady in the world!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

wake up

Well, fall is here and I have to say that I am enjoying it. Our summer here in Bend was VERY short...I mean, like two months! It never got hot until late couldn't even wear shorts until then! When it finally turned to summer it did get HOT! I was outside all day every day LITERALLY!

The fall weather and the changing of the season has always been a bit hard for me. I mean, I love fall...the leaves changing, FOOTBALL, nice cool runs, sitting outside in the afternoon and not getting's nice...BUT it is really hard to get over summer-time weather and know deep down that winter is RIGHT AROUND the CORNER! This fall I plan to enjoy FALL...not worry about dumb ol' winter until it gets here! I will have my tea outside for as long as I can and ENJOY it!

Speaking of tea, I gave up coffee! If you know me then you know this is a MAJOR achievement in my life! I take after my moma when it comes to coffee...two pots a day, baby! I love it and I literally drink it all day! Now, I don't know that coffee is just super bad for you but I know that it can't be too good for you?? I switched to tea...which, I know, IS good for me! There haven't been too many adverse side effects...a slight headache...maybe? I have allergy problems so not sure if it is the lack of coffee or allergies?
I will have coffee some...I love it with my dessert at night (when I eat dessert). Everything in moderation!

A quick update on my vegan-goal...pretty good. NOT perfect...from craving certain foods (turkey) to not wanting to ask for my food any other way than how it is prepared by the chef (no dairy please) it is tough! I have cooked a few separate meals from Josh (his with meat mine without) and he actually made me some veggie chili while he had meaty chili! That is HUGE!!
Anyway, there are lots of things going on with my diet these days...mostly for my allergies but that is for another post! It will all come together one day (or not) !!


Friday, September 17, 2010

strivin' to be...

I was having a conversation with a friend a few days ago and it got me thinking. The conversation wasn't really that deep or anything...we were just talking. He said he had a friend that "claims" to be Buddhist but she likes to watch Sex and the City. I was like what does that matter. Well you can't be Buddhist if you like materialistic things was his response. I said well maybe she is striving to be a Buddhist. I asked if he thought he was a good person. Yeah of cousre. I said well is gossiping about your friend something a good person would do?? Are you now just "claiming" to be a good person?? I mean, just because you don't always live up to being a good person does that mean you are NEVER a good person?

Now, I don't talk religion with people...everyone believes what they believe and that's fine...I don't really even think the conversation was about religion, actually. OR I should say I took something different from it...striving to be...

It is so easy to get caught up in TRYING to be something that we forget to just be ourselves...we get so worked up trying to be something or do something that we forget to look at the path we are taking to get there. We are so worried abou at being something or reaching some goal that we forget where we are right now. We set a goal to run 100 miles a month that we forget to be excited about the 6 miles we are running every day! Oh poor me I still have soooo many more to go... I will never be a great yeah I am I just ran 6 miles that AWESOME!!

I set goals and try to attain them all the becoming a vegan. I get so wrapped up in the fact that I want a turkey sandwich some days that I forget I haven't eaten meat in a week! I feel so upset with myself that I can't even see the good things I have done. I need to look at it like this...I am striving to be a vegan...I may have weaknesses but that is just for a moment, just for right now...push it aside and move on! Now, I know I can't eat meat AND be a vegan but I can strive to be a vegan and realize that I may not be perfect all the time...starting out...turkey is soooo good! On a side note, I have started imagining feathers being on my sandwich along with the turkey to keep me from eating a big ol' juicy turkey sandwich with mustard and pickles melty gooey cheese...wait wait wait... my friend, I want to be a good person...I am striving to be a good person. I set goals for ME to reach...some, like not gossiping, help with the whole "good person" thing...some, like my mileage when running and being a vegan are just for me to feel better with myself...Now, will I veer off course from time to time? will I make mistakes? Um, YES SIR! Will I take a look at those mistakes, realize them, and then get over them...YES SIR!

I just want to be me...the best me...a happy me! That's what I am Strivin' to be right now...

Monday, August 30, 2010

snow what?

So, it took summer until July to get to Bend and now she is making an early exit in August! It is freaking SNOWING in AUGUST! Ok, so this is a fluke but still...snow!!! It was cold all last week...high 60's during the day and freezing at night/early morning!! It is supposed to get back up to the 80's later this week...that BETTER happen!

The hubby's parents are coming for a visit this week...I am sooooo excited! It is the first time for them to visit us here and the first time for anyone in our family to see the new house! It is so funny how most people in our family have no idea what goes on in our lives...
It's crazy! I think since we are out of sight we are also out of mind...Oregon is like another planet for most people in our families...

Anyway, it is a big deal to us that we have family coming for a visit...I can hardly wait! Oregon is beautiful, especially Bend and Sunriver. I never take for granted that I live in one of THE most wonderful places in the USA. I am so happy we get to show off our little town to our family! I hope they move here...I might have to get preggo for that to happen though! That's a whole other story though...ha ha!

Bona Fide is going GREAT! I usually am a behind-the-scenes member of the team but I had to meet with a potential client the other day...he knew his stuff! It went well and it felt great promoting something that is mine and that I 100% believe in!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Well, I said I had big news...I am officially a small business owner! It has been such a whirlwind time the past couple of months but it has all been totally worth it...I have my very own (with two other partners) SEO company!

We are a very small group of people who work really well of the partners has about 13 years of BIG TIME experience in the field and the other partner has about 20 years of BIG TIME experience in marketing...I feel so fortunate to be a part of our business.

Bend is a hub for SEO-type people for some reason...I mean, literally, there are two other businesses on MY BLOCK! The person who is credited as the "god father" of SEO lives here along with his son who is big in the business. I could go on and on!

Online marketing is expected to grow from about $9 BILLION per year to well over $13 BILLION per year by 2013...I want a piece of that PIE!! Think about you shop online? I know I do and I know that when I GOOGLE the product I want I click on about the first 2 or 3 links...SEO helps you get ranked in those spots...

We are going to stay really small for a while...we have a small site...we are getting leads from other avenues right now and we are BUSY!

I will keep you updated on our progress as much as I can...