Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Man, we have been having the best weather EVER here in Bend! It has been about 80 degrees everyday and clear skies....a little breeze every now and then will blow (right when you think you are getting HOT!)!!! It is just perfect! This is why I moved to Bend! It takes a while for Summer to get here but when it does you forget all about the long winter!

Winter in Bend isn't too snows a lot but it is actually really sunny all the time. It is perfect for someone who likes to ski or snowboard. I never go to the mountain but I do love to cross country ski. It is fun and a great work out! The only bad thing about winter here is that it JUST LASTS FOREVER! It goes from November (or late October) to June. I am not kidding or exaggerating...last week it was in the 40's and then BAM it turned into 80 degree weather one day!

We have been working on our yard some lately. We did a lot to it last year...we added more turf and a patio and re did the little back porch area with pavers. It cost a boat load but it was worth it!! It looks great! We FINALLY got some new patio furniture, too. I love it! It is bright orange...but in a cute way! Now all I want is a fire pit. Yes, we need a fire pit here in Bend because it usually gets down to the 40's at night in the summer. You always have to take a sweater with you wherever you go! I still love it though!

Marathon training is going pretty good. I feel like I could run the marathon tomorrow but I also feel like it will be really boring! That is my biggest fear actually...I am seriously contemplating switching to the half marathon because I just don't know what in the world I would do with myself or my mind while running 26.2 miles!! I need to start wearing an IPOD I guess!

That's all for now...

ps...yes, we plant Christmas trees in our yards here!!!

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