Thursday, May 27, 2010

hmmm...where did that come from?

This week has been pretty much the same as always. Nothing too much out of the ordinary I guess...

I have been feeling great lately...working out A LOT and eating pretty well...lots of fruits and veggies and NO red meat! I will admit that I am still hanging out with my Boar's Head Honey Maple Turkey though...I have also SIGNIFICANTLY reduced my cheese intake...none on my sandwiches or tortilla soup at La Rosa...only a few sprinkles on my ground turkey taco salad!
I have always been in pretty good shape and a fairly healthy eater, I will admit. I like to run for sure. I am really enjoying taking it to another level though...really thinking about the food I eat and how nice my body feels when I am done!

I think deep, deep, DEEP down I am trying to get my body ready to have a little baby growing inside of it...I always think about the way I would raise my child...from foods I would give him/her, to the religion/denomination I would raise her/him, to everything else on down the line. I would NEVER want to get pregnant and have horrible eating and exercising habits...and I for SURE would not want to have a child that looked up to me in every way and I was shoving cupcakes in my mouth every chance I just wouldn't seem right to ME for some reason.
I will say though, in a weird way, (and I know this statement will sound bad) as much as I have been right now working out, I would not want to get pregnant right now and ruin my body...eek, bad I know! I just think I am too young to have a post baby body...I know this is selfish though and that's why I am not trying to have a baby. I think I will be ready for a baby when I think less about my body and more about cribs!

Anyway, it is scary even thinking about having a baby (for ME)!! I hear the question, about 100 times a week though "when are y'all gonna have a baby?"...never gets old...ha ha!
Well, now that THAT is all out there...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

man oh man

I have had a pretty weird week...Dixie ate a WHOLE pack of gum which contained XYLITOL!! Not good for causes severe liver damage...I called the vet and she told me to give her four tablespoons of peroxide. This caused Dixie to throw up... A LOT! All the gum came right back up. I have never been happier to clean up puke-it didn't stink either, it smelled like the orange gum! I cried for a good two hours though...on the phone with vet, while shoving down the peroxide, while rubbing her belly, and when it was all over and I was cleaning everything up! I sat on the couch with my girl and she licked my face and, I SWEAR that dog made ME feel better even though SHE was the one that was SICK!! I love my Dixie girl more than anything in the world!!
After all of that, I started thinking about all of the dogs my family had when I was growing up. We usually had at least one dog in our back yard at any given time. Now, I have to say that all of this is MY memory...I have a feeling that I may be mis-remembering (ha ha)! I will have to ask Faye about it...
Anyway, it always seemed like our dogs were all named either Lady or Patches. I mean, ALL of them! I remember a bunch of chow dogs and a big white dog. I also remember that I didn't always wanna go in the back yard with the dogs. I wasn't scared, I just didn't want them to jump on is funny what you remember about certain things!
I also remember other pets we had...ducks, birds, hamsters, and a bunny.
The bunny was my FAVORITE! All of us grand-kids got one for Easter the year that my paw paw passed away. We came out of my Aunt R's house and their they were on the lawn with ribbons tied around their necks (the bunnies, that is!). I loved that rabbit. I took it home in a cardboard box and fell asleep on the couch with my face beside it. I woke up with that little bunny nibbling on my nose...not hard or anything more like just sniffing me! My nanny butt was like "girl, you better get that bunny some lettuce!". It always makes me laugh when I think about how she said it. It is one of those memories that makes me smile without even realizing it when I am thinking about it.

Monday, May 17, 2010

little bit of everything

Wow! The weather has been soooooo nice here lately...mid 70's and sunny! It is suppose to get a little chilly this week, which is normal for Central Oregon in May...soon, though, it will be blue skies and sunshine ever single day!! I can hardly wait...I love it when I can throw on a sun dress and a pair of flip flops and head out on my cruiser bike to work or play!

In other news, I believe that the hubby is on board with the whole vegetarian idea. Actually, he just came up to me one day and was like "I don't wanna eat meat anymore.". It was really odd! He still wants to eat fish, which is fine by me because I don't really eat too much fish anyway so on those nights I will just eat the salad and sides! So, we are gonna give the vegetarian-thing a whirl. I don't wanna put any pressure or stress on us about it. I am going to make a conscience effort to not eat meat but I won't get upset or anything if we aren't toooooo strict with ourselves.

To me, eating is is fun. I like to eat healthy, mostly organic food. I steer clear of most processed foods and hardly ever eat fried foods. I mean, I am not a saint by any means. Like I said, eating is fun to me so if I am at a party or back home in the Mississippi Delta, I indulge! I will say that for the most part though I eat pretty well and I feel good about most of the choices I make so I will not be too hard on myself if I give in here and there with treats and now, meat!

Anyway, in other news...summer is almost here which means I really need to get my you-know-what in gear about the whole "new career thing"! I am really leaning towards dental assisting. I have done A LOT of research and I just think this will be a good fit for me. So, I am starting to talk to dentists in the area about a few things....I have a few questions about school, etc. and also would like to see about interning or shadowing at an office. SO CRAZY!

I always thought I would be a grant passion in college. My degree is in Social Sciences and my favorite classes were always the grant writing ones. I love researching and developing ideas! Anyway, that is a hard job to land...not too many of them out there!