Thursday, May 20, 2010

man oh man

I have had a pretty weird week...Dixie ate a WHOLE pack of gum which contained XYLITOL!! Not good for causes severe liver damage...I called the vet and she told me to give her four tablespoons of peroxide. This caused Dixie to throw up... A LOT! All the gum came right back up. I have never been happier to clean up puke-it didn't stink either, it smelled like the orange gum! I cried for a good two hours though...on the phone with vet, while shoving down the peroxide, while rubbing her belly, and when it was all over and I was cleaning everything up! I sat on the couch with my girl and she licked my face and, I SWEAR that dog made ME feel better even though SHE was the one that was SICK!! I love my Dixie girl more than anything in the world!!
After all of that, I started thinking about all of the dogs my family had when I was growing up. We usually had at least one dog in our back yard at any given time. Now, I have to say that all of this is MY memory...I have a feeling that I may be mis-remembering (ha ha)! I will have to ask Faye about it...
Anyway, it always seemed like our dogs were all named either Lady or Patches. I mean, ALL of them! I remember a bunch of chow dogs and a big white dog. I also remember that I didn't always wanna go in the back yard with the dogs. I wasn't scared, I just didn't want them to jump on is funny what you remember about certain things!
I also remember other pets we had...ducks, birds, hamsters, and a bunny.
The bunny was my FAVORITE! All of us grand-kids got one for Easter the year that my paw paw passed away. We came out of my Aunt R's house and their they were on the lawn with ribbons tied around their necks (the bunnies, that is!). I loved that rabbit. I took it home in a cardboard box and fell asleep on the couch with my face beside it. I woke up with that little bunny nibbling on my nose...not hard or anything more like just sniffing me! My nanny butt was like "girl, you better get that bunny some lettuce!". It always makes me laugh when I think about how she said it. It is one of those memories that makes me smile without even realizing it when I am thinking about it.

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Paige (Two Runners And A Brown Dog) said...

Aww! I love this post!!! I often think about animals that I had growing up too. I am glad that Dixie is doing better. There is just something about a relationship with an inside dog. You really get to know them, and they really get to know you. Chip is my shadow. It would be weird if I was walking around without someone "following" me all of the time! :)