Thursday, May 27, 2010

hmmm...where did that come from?

This week has been pretty much the same as always. Nothing too much out of the ordinary I guess...

I have been feeling great lately...working out A LOT and eating pretty well...lots of fruits and veggies and NO red meat! I will admit that I am still hanging out with my Boar's Head Honey Maple Turkey though...I have also SIGNIFICANTLY reduced my cheese intake...none on my sandwiches or tortilla soup at La Rosa...only a few sprinkles on my ground turkey taco salad!
I have always been in pretty good shape and a fairly healthy eater, I will admit. I like to run for sure. I am really enjoying taking it to another level though...really thinking about the food I eat and how nice my body feels when I am done!

I think deep, deep, DEEP down I am trying to get my body ready to have a little baby growing inside of it...I always think about the way I would raise my child...from foods I would give him/her, to the religion/denomination I would raise her/him, to everything else on down the line. I would NEVER want to get pregnant and have horrible eating and exercising habits...and I for SURE would not want to have a child that looked up to me in every way and I was shoving cupcakes in my mouth every chance I just wouldn't seem right to ME for some reason.
I will say though, in a weird way, (and I know this statement will sound bad) as much as I have been right now working out, I would not want to get pregnant right now and ruin my body...eek, bad I know! I just think I am too young to have a post baby body...I know this is selfish though and that's why I am not trying to have a baby. I think I will be ready for a baby when I think less about my body and more about cribs!

Anyway, it is scary even thinking about having a baby (for ME)!! I hear the question, about 100 times a week though "when are y'all gonna have a baby?"...never gets old...ha ha!
Well, now that THAT is all out there...

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