Monday, April 20, 2009


Today is such a wonderful, beautiful day! It has been about 80 degrees all day which is a record temperature here in Bend!

I slept in a little bit with my Dixie dog laying on my legs under the covers. I had some hot tea and then took little girl out for a 50 minute run. I had on a sweatshirt type top and had to take it off after about 10 minutes...that is very rare for me!

The run was great. It really felt great to be out in the sunshine and warm air. I hardly even noticed when it was time to turn around.

I came over to Ellie and Ethan's later and we played outside for a while. They are so funny! Ellie had on some new sandals that had a sort of heel on them and she kept tripping a little bit but she was determined not to take them off! Ethan took the water hose and squirted himself with it! His face was priceless-happily shocked!!!

Days like today remind me to be happy more....I have so much to be thankful for!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

today today today

If you know me then you know that I freakin LOVE The Golden Girls....I tivo it and I watch at least three episodes a day! In fact, I am watching it right now!

People always say "Who is your favorite girl?". Well, I must say that all of them are. Each of them has a unique personality-There is something about each personality that I like!

They all get along so well and really care about each other....they take care of each other. I wanna be like them with my friends and family!

Me and my moma and Nanny used to watch The Golden Girls on Saturday nights all together. We also watched the Empty Nest spin-off when it came out. It was always fun just sitting all together watching the show. I don't think I really even watched the show then; I was just there with them-ALL together!

It's hard sometimes to be all together with your family especially for me since I live 3,000 miles away! Maybe I watch The Golden Girls because it makes me feel at home or maybe it is because it is really funny! Probably both.

Friday, April 17, 2009

ok on second thought...

So, now I have a biker for the PPP but no cross country skier.....dang it is so hard to get everything together!!!!
I do have a back up skier if worse comes to worse but?????
I will have to keep you posted...

Thursday, April 16, 2009


So I am a little bit disappointed...I won't be able to do the Pole Pedal Paddle this year after all! I cannpt find enough people to be on my team...actually I just lack a biker! The bike leg is 22 miles and is right before the run. I don't think I could do both legs back to back!
I was really really REALLY looking forward to doing it but I guess it just wasn't meant to be!

I have a 10k next weekend. It is the Larkspur Lollipop and should be pretty have to run UP the butte halfway through the race! Coming from the Mississippi Delta most people know that I don't have too much experience running UP anything!!! This race will be good practice for the Dirty Half anyway...that thing has SOOOOOO many hills! (Every person I know that has done this race has gotten hurt; some needed surgery after!)

Anyway, I am bummed about the PPP but I still have a lot of fun things to look forward to this Summer!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

ready for Summer!

Yesterday was such a gorgeous day but man it was sooooooo cold! The sky was so blue and there were hardly any clouds at all...but it was only about 45 degrees....

Bend doesn't really have a Spring season. It pretty much goes from Winter to Summer. It is Winter from about November to the end of May. The rest of the time is Summer!

Usually around April I start getting the itch to leave and go to a tropical island...I wanna be out wearing my flip flops and tank tops! I have been known to check out job sites in the Cayman Islands and Hawaii because I just wanna leave the cold behind. I get so used to the Winter that it is hard to imagine that it will ever be Summer!


The Summers here are just BEAUTIFUL!!! Perfect temperature, no mosquitos, daylight until about 9:30....PERFECT!!!! By about the first of August I start wondering how in the world I could ever have wanted to leave this place??? Hiking and running and relaxing with friends...

Just thinking about it makes me wanna sit outside on my deck with the radio going sipping on a gin and tonic!

Oh Summer please hurry up and get here!