Saturday, April 4, 2009

ready for Summer!

Yesterday was such a gorgeous day but man it was sooooooo cold! The sky was so blue and there were hardly any clouds at all...but it was only about 45 degrees....

Bend doesn't really have a Spring season. It pretty much goes from Winter to Summer. It is Winter from about November to the end of May. The rest of the time is Summer!

Usually around April I start getting the itch to leave and go to a tropical island...I wanna be out wearing my flip flops and tank tops! I have been known to check out job sites in the Cayman Islands and Hawaii because I just wanna leave the cold behind. I get so used to the Winter that it is hard to imagine that it will ever be Summer!


The Summers here are just BEAUTIFUL!!! Perfect temperature, no mosquitos, daylight until about 9:30....PERFECT!!!! By about the first of August I start wondering how in the world I could ever have wanted to leave this place??? Hiking and running and relaxing with friends...

Just thinking about it makes me wanna sit outside on my deck with the radio going sipping on a gin and tonic!

Oh Summer please hurry up and get here!

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