Monday, March 30, 2009


So, I really want to take some yoga classes. I tried doing the "hot" yoga (Birkram I think is the name) and I just did not like it. I loved challenging myself to do the poses and to breathe correctly but man oh man it was just TOOOOOOO hot!
I have been looking into some "regular" yoga classes around town and they are so expensive! To spend an extra $200 bucks a month on yoga is just ridiculous!
Anyway, I was reading an article about Jenny McCarthy the other day and she says she just bought a few DVD's and does yoga in her garage. She is freakin awesome at the poses and her body looks AMAZING!
I just wonder how you know what DVD to buy (the article didn't say which ones she uses)???
I am going to look at some reviews and then decide I guess!

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