Sunday, March 22, 2009

needing motivation

I am in need of some major gym routine is pretty much done! It is so hard to workout inside and it is way too cold to do anything outside.
So I decided to try to get a Pole Pedal Paddle team together. If you live in Oregon you know what this event is...if not google it!!
Naw, it is a race that consists of 6 legs:
Downhill Skiing
Cross Country Skiing
10k run
Sprint Run
You can have a team or do it all by yourself....

Anyway, it is a really big deal here in Bend! I have always wanted to do it but never felt like bugging people about it.
This year I decided that I HAVE to do it...for the MOTIVATION of course!
I am pretty close to geting a full team together and to make it even better it is gonna be ALL WOMEN!!!

I will keep you updated and hopefully stay motivated!

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