Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dixie's Ears

I have a dog named Dixie. She is a German Short Hair Pointer and has no idea that she is, in fact, a dog! She really thinks she is human. She runs our household for sure!
She is a daddy's girl and will let everyone know that he is hers and she ain't sharing! Those two are like peas and carrots for sure...I am totally jealous of their relationship haha!

Anyway, when I get a chance to have some Dixie time I love to rub her ears. They are so soft and silky. She loves it and usually falls to sleep.
Thos cute little ears of hers remind me of the blanket that I used to carry around when I was little. It was fluffy pink with a silk band running all along the outside of it. I would bunch up the fabric between my fingers and rub it on my face. I loved the way it felt.
These blankets didn't last too long as the silk part would fall off! Well, my paw paw wouldn't let me be without a new one for long. We would head down to the Rex All drugstore and I could pick out a new one...
They came in a box, all nice and neat with a bow.

I loved those blankets and I love my Dixie girl's ears for reminding me of them!

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