Monday, April 26, 2010

same ol' same ol' BUT...

Been a little while...not really too much going on I guess. I am still trying to decide on all of the little details of career choices. A few new things have come up with the SEO stuff. I heard about a job here in Bend which would be awesome but I am not ready for it yet...still need training! I have been reading lots of books about it but I still need the hands on training to actually feel confident to apply for a job in the field. It is hard to set up training times because everyone is so busy and basically life just gets in the way sometimes! I wish there was an entry level job that I could do in order to get hands on trainig exactly the way the company would want me to do the job...haven't found that yet, though!!

I am also still into the dental assisting thing...actually I am really leaning more towards that at this point. It really interests me for some reason. I know I wouldn't make as much money as I would with the SEO but I could make a living for sure AND have job stability anywhere we might have to move for the hubby's job....


Two new things have sort of started happening...I have become a domesticated lady on fire!!! It is like I have a new role in life right now ha ha!! I am doing laundry, cleaning the stove, washing my car, sweeping, mopping, dusting and cooking dinner EVERY night!! We are only going out like once or twice a week which is WAY less than EVER BEFORE! I am just feeling the whole working part-time, taking care of my family thing!!! I have always been pretty neat and tidy with my house and enjoyed cooking... but this is like over-the-top! I am loving it....obsessed!!! Hubby is loving it too!

Another thing...working out! I am loving loving loving going to gym! I actually feel bad if I don't go!! I have always enjoyed being healthy but I am actually going all out when I am at the gym...burning and churning!! Hubby is also loving this too!!

Anyway, I am going to ride this motivation train for as long as I can...keeping up with the house, the gym....EVERYTHING!! Still thinking about the future but with a clear, stress free head!!


Paige (Two Runners And A Brown Dog) said...

Hey Sunshine! I did not know you had started your blog back up. I'm glad!! I added you to my Google Reader, so now when you update; I'll get it immediately. I am thinking about getting off of FB. I just don't like it anymore and prefer the whole blog thing instead. What is an SEO job? I googled it, and all I could find is "Search Engine Optimizer." Is that what you are talking about?

Mississhippie said...

I am still not doing the blog thing as much as I want...I always think of things at randome times and when I sit down to actually write it on here it doesn't come out the same as I was thinking!! I am getting better though!
An SEO is a Search Engine Optimizer...basically if you want your blog to show up first when someone googles somehting like "running blog Tennesse" I would make your page as good as it could be to get you as close to the top of the results page as possible...maybe I will blog about it!!