Monday, April 5, 2010

too much

So, I had a pretty good weekend although it pretty much SNOWED the whole entire time!! I mean, it was really coming down. It was weird never really stuck around or if it did stick it just melted away pretty quickly.

I did get in a couple of runs. It felt really good to get back out on the road and treadmill. I forget how good I feel after a nice run!

On the career front, I started doing some SEO research. It is really interesting stuff. It is for sure something I want to pursue more....

I also have been looking into physical therapy assisting and dental assisting. These two have been on my list (radar) for a while. I enjoy working with people and I also would like to work in office setting. I think it would be good to have professional my job right now, and in the child care field in general, it is really hard to have that.

Anyway, I am using the rest of the day to do some housework and some errands. Also, I am compiling a list of dentists and physical therapist that I may go talk to about their fields. Honestly, I am feeling a little stressed right now. I need to step back, think about the fact that everything will work out-because it has to...there is really nothing more that I can do to help this situation. I am putting everything into it and I know something rewarding will come out of it!

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