Thursday, April 8, 2010

veggie lasagna

Ahhhh, one day of nice weather this week! Bend does not really have a Spring so when we get a day of sunshine and blue skies, 60 gotta live it up! Before work and after I sat outside...didn't do anything special. I took the kiddos I watch to the park, too. They loved it!

Anyway, I made a veggie lasagna earlier this week. It took A LOT of preperation but I stuck with it and it turned out great! There were a few things I would add...Fontina cheese and red pepper flakes! These two will give the flavor a little kick! Also, I forgot to put in spinach!! As soon as I stuck it in the oven I thought to myself...hmm, spinach would have been good! Oh well!

The best part was that my hubby actually liked it...he always complains when I try to cook without meat. In fact, that is one of the hardest things for me while trying to become a vegetarian... he needs his meat!!

I started a food log and exercise log, too. I think these will help me realize all the crap I eat! I am not worst eater at all but I am not the best either! There are for sure some areas I can improve! The logs will help me do that I hope!

As far as careers go I am still doing the SEO thing...I am enjoying all the research I am doing and can hardly wait to get some hands-on experience.

I am also looking into dental assisting...I have always been interested in the field and I really think I would be good at it. I love working with people!! I am ready to work with a group of people, too. I really, really, really miss that!!

All for now!

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