Monday, March 29, 2010


So, I have been doing some reading about vegetarian lifestyles lately.... In the past two years or so I have been thinking about becoming a vegetarian/vegan and I suddenly feel that right now is the time to do it!

I don't think people REALLY realize what is actually in the meat/dairy that we is quite shocking. All sorts of chemicals, antibiotics, hormones and just completely disgusting stuff. Not to mention that our bodies really don't NEED meat or dairy. For instance, humans are the ONLY things that will drink other animal's milk...cows don't drink goats' milk...goats don't drink cows' milk...interesting! Why do WE drink cows' milk??

Not only is all of that totally gross but also HOW they kill, care for, and treat factory raised animals is appalling to say the least! I actually can't even write about it because it makes me ill!

Ahhhh, here comes the problem though...turkey is my life! I love it...I eat it everyday! I could do without all the other stuff...cheese would be tough but I could do it. Maybe I will try that tofurkey...


Anonymous said...

Hey! I JUST randomly came upon your blog and am so excited that you're thinking about trying to go veg! I'd be happy to help answer any questions! Check out my site at OR email me personally at

Tofurkey slices are pretty good, especially on a sandwich with whole wheat bread and Vegenaise (vegan mayo, it's awesome).

Field Roast has GREAT grain "meat" products, like sausages. Also, Gardein has really awesome "meat" products, like chick'n scallopini and crispy tenders.

Good luck!

Paige (Two Runners And A Brown Dog) said... should check out Caitlin at

She went vegan a few years ago...her blog is great and has a lot of vegetarian recipes and ideas.

Have you tried Boca Burgers? I love those!!!!