Monday, March 22, 2010


This weekend was pretty mellow but also pretty fun...hung out with my family...hubby, Dixie doggie and a friend...watched tv, cooked, drank some awesome wine from Lange and Kosta!
Now it is Monday and it is back to the same ol' same ol' the house and laundry. Although we do have plans to hang out with some friends tonight. It should be fun...we haven't hung out with some of them since our college days!
Anyway, I reserved some good books at the library today...a Skinny Bitch cook aunt read one and she loved it! I also reserved a few beginner SEO books. SEO is Search Engine Optimization and this will (hopefully) be my new career! I have an AWESOME mentor that I am training with. It will be a struggle I know, switching from one career to a completely new one but I THINK I am ready! (there are a few other options on the back-burner, too...more about those another time!)
I want to start a family sometime and this career will allow me to spend time at home with my baby whereas other careers will not allow me that luxury. There are sooooo many stay at home moms that try to have day cares or preschools in their homes and I just don't want to do that...great idea for some just not for me. I could work where I take my child to school but I just don't know if I like that idea???
Ideally I would keep working in the child care industry for another year while training in SEO. Then after the year get a job in that field. Then decide when and if we are going to have a child!?! That topic will have to be for another day!
I hope I am making smart is so hard to know what to do. Life can for sure throw you curves sometimes...I want to be prepared for them ESPECIALLY if I add a child to the mix! Boy will it be hard to leave the child care industry! OVERLOAD!!!

I need a few pickles to help my stress...I love 'em! THey totally remind me of my childhood. Me and my aunt (my BFF!) would sit around and eat them and hang out. I would walk to the store down the street and get them for 52 cents. Everyday after high school I would walk to my Nanny Butt's house then walk to the store and get one. They make me think of home!

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