Friday, July 9, 2010

not too much

This week has been so HOT! I love it! It got up to about 95 degrees every day and I soaked it all in!!! I do think that my new hanging basket suffered a bit WAS big and luscious looking but now it is a little saggy looking! Hopefully it will perk back up when the temperatures get back down in the 80 degree range.

Not too much else going on around here. It has been nice sitting outside in the bright sunshine. I started reading these books by Diane Mott Davidson about a caterer named Goldy. They are like murder-mysteries. Not too thought provoking but better than staring at the TV all day. They are pretty funny and come with recipes from the catering events she does in the books. I thought that was interesting.

I also signed up for an SEO class at the college here in town. I think it will be very helpful. I stepped up my training and got a client...Pretty exciting stuff! The client is a friend of mine and I am using his website to practice. He is a VERY talented watchmaker (among other things). If you wanna check him out go to:

Anyway, so far so good with the new SEO skills...we shall see!

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