Friday, July 4, 2008


I love the 4th of July! I always have and I always will!

It makes me think about my paw paw. When I was about 6 years old we were all down at my Uncle JT's house. Everyone got to shoot fireworks but not little Sunshine. My paw paw was SOOOOO protective of me that I had to sit in his lap with my ears covered. (I fell out of a tree in our front yard once and to this day there are still no trees left because he had them all cut down!) HOWEVER, on this particular day I somehow got to have a sparkler.

Never in all my life have my eyes twinkled like that (until I saw my husband at the end of the aisle on my wedding day). I could hardly wait to have it in my hand. I wanted to twirl around and pretend that I was a fairy.

I remember getting to pick out whatever color I wanted. Green or blue or red or SILVER....of course, SILVER was my choice (just like PIXIE dust)!

Paw paw pulled it out of the box and lit it right up. It looke dso beautiful...I was amazed! Paw paw goes to hand it to me and of course I was too scared to take it! He tried showing me that the sparks didn't hurt by running his palm underneath them but still....NO WAY!

I got a popsicle instead and sat down on my Paw Paw's lap and enjoyed all the muffled fireworks I heard the rest of the night....

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