Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Fires and SMOKE

Man oh man is it smokey here in Central Oregon! The wildfires around here, across the Cascades and down in California are making it really hazey out.According to news sources I should not run outside because of the air quality. That stinks!

Josh went fishing last night and should be back today. Dixie missed him so much. She kept getting out of bed and going to check the door all night! She always sleeps right on feet to make sure that they are nice and warm! I miss Josh when he is gone but I knew I was marrying a fishing nut so I can't complain!! Our song is that one by Brad Paisley that says "I'm gonna miss her".
We are gonna go check out 2 houses that have caught our attention. One is right beside Ellie and Ethan's house-I would get to see my precious kiddos even MORE!!! The other is closer to Josh's work so that would be good for gas I guess. THey are both noce but completey opposite of each other. Also, with the way the economy is who knows if we should take the chance on buying a house?????
Back to Ellie and Ethan. Man are they FUN!! They are my best friends in the whole wide world (as Ellie would say)! Ethan is a pistol-he walks around the house swinging one arm as fast as it will go and just looking for somethign to get into! Ellie on the other hand sings, dances, and simply amazes me every day!!We went to her dance recital last week and she was so great!! Ethan slept through but he woke up long enought to catch a glimpse of the older dancing girls! He does love the ladies!!! I am so lucky to get to spend time with them!
Anyway, I am sure there will be lots of stories about them on here!!

Well, that's all for now....

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