Thursday, May 14, 2009

Going Home!

Man oh man! This week I got a ticket to go home to see my family in Mississippi...I love going home!
I fly into Memphis and then me and Judy, Al, and Maggie will be headed to the Delta to see my moma and them!
Pretty much all of the family will be there the first weekend for the big blues fest 5k. It is usually pretty fun when we all get together for a few days. I bet we will have a cook out or something fun like that!
I can hardly wait!!
I love spending time with my moma and Melvin and Kelly...Maggie moo normally stays with us too so that makes it that much better! We don't really do too much but it is just so nice and fun to see everyone.
It is always a little hard to tell everyone bye especially my moma. We talk on the phone like 4 times a day anyway but it still hard leaving knowing I won't get to see her for a while...
Anyway, we won't think about that we will just think about all the yummy food and good times that we are about to have!!!

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